Thursday, July 30, 2009


Exploring Day/Sewing Day continued

The kids weren't quite done sewing, so we got everyone set up.
Phoebe made a purse.

Sheridan made a "twinner" one (no picture.)

Margaret wanted to get in on the action, although all she could do is look cute.

Miles made a bag for Hugh.

We went on a hike in the neighborhood (hence "Exploring Day").

We measured the height of the grass and named all the bugs we saw.

The kids got "so hot," and a couple of blisters-toughen up! Don't worry- I whipped those kids into shape! (We went through a box of popsicles today.)

After dinner we went to the pool with Jonathan, Gma and Gpa Valentine, and Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Chris, and cousins.

Pool snacks-Laffy Taffy and Ring Pops of course!

The party continued at home with a huge-everyone-in-the-basement-sleepover. Let's just say it was a late night....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sewing Day

We started sewing....but it takes forever! So only Miles Miles denim tote says, "No I will not fix your computer."

Owen made "potions bags" and then proceeded to find small things around my house to put in them (he made 4).

Owen got stuff done.

Sloane, Miles, and Owen also learned hand sewing which Miles then questioned, "Why should I do this when I know how to use the machine?"

There was also major fort building in the basement. Only a fear tears shed here.

Much to Margaret's pleasure there were Snickerdoodles left over.

Gma Valentine came up at night bringing watermelon, wooden cars to color, and bubbles. She was a huge help at bedtime! I even got a run in after the kids were in bed, thanks Mom!!!!

The previous night I felt a burst of creativity after the kids went to bed and made these earrings.

Aside from the fact that Porter has a fever (teething) and cried most of the day, overall a good day. However, maybe I just want 6 kids now....

Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm watching my sister Lisa's (and here) 5 children while she and
husband, Chris, are having adventures here.

Baking Day

We made 8 loaves of banana bread, 3 dozen Snickerdoodles, pizzas for dinner, and a whole lot of fun!

Hugh entertained Porter by making weird noises.

Owen built a cabin with Lincoln Logs....

when he and Miles weren't on the DS (sorry, Lisa!)

Thanks to Gma Valentine for coming and helping with a walk

baths, and bedtime routines.

Overall no biggie, I should have 9 of my own (just kidding, Jonnie!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


When Amanda was here for the 4th of July, we hit some fabric stores and found cheap lycra. Sew.....

dance tops for the girls!

Still working on finishing the other stuff...but Lisa's 5 are coming for the week....we'll see what gets done.

So, after working with so much stretchy stuff, and after reading Built By Wendy's Sew U Stretch book, I've decided I need a coverstitch machine for professional results. Anyone want to give me one?