Friday, March 21, 2008

I made a reversible skirt for Sloane. It's been in the works for literally months (in my head!) I've been working on a pattern for a friend who had the idea (thanks, Calli!), and this is what I came up with: The top and bottom are black and red gingham, respectively and the center has embroidered ladybugs. It's very full and very girly. Now, there are only a few minor adjustments and I'll make some for her girls!

Speaking of girly, here's the girls with their new haircuts. They all loved to sit and be pampered. I really should take them more often than twice a year!

This is her first "professional" haircut. Syd before:
We had to spring up those curls! I should take a picture of the back. Syd after:
Sher before:
So demure. Sher after:
Shot at Princesses on Ice-yes, we're very girly! Sloane before:
You didn't know that I had a twenty year old? Sloane after:
Patti (our stylist) with the girls.Sloane woke up early the next day, dressed before I was out of bed, because she was so excited about her new haircut.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

FINE! Back to sewing (read the comment from topher clark on my last entry):

So, now the rush is on to finish unfinished baby quilts. My sister has given birth to her fifth baby (and the last quilt she's getting!) My sister-in-law is due a month before me. And I've got to do something really spectacular for the boy!

At least Margaret's quilt is close to completion. This is the layout for the quilt top.

I chose thirties prints because, well, her name is Margaret, after my maternal grandmother. I wanted something bright and cheery. The nine patch looks a little more sophisticated with the black center squares. The binding will also be black and look sharp (I hope). I'll post pics when done.

I have sewed it together, but have to mark and quilt it still. I think I"ll quilt this one myself by machine. I have handquilted 4 out of the 9 baby quilts I've made, but I just don't have time now. Also, and I hate to admit it, if you want the children to use the quilt, machine quilting holds up much better than hand quilting! There have been times when I've snuggled with my oldest, whose quilt I hand quilted, and I've heard a few stitches "pop" as we've shifted beneath the covers. Ouch!

Some things I've learned from making baby quilts:
1. If you commit to make one for the first baby in your family, plan on keeping up the tradition, even if you siblings KEEP HAVING BABIES!
2. Use quality materials-quilt shop quality fabric won't fade over the years, Walmart and most Joann's fabric will.
3. Use traditional patterns-too trendy will look dated after a few years.
4. Keep it simple-try a complicated pattern for your own kids-you won't want to give it away if you've spend a zillion hours on it!
5. Take a picture with the baby and the quilt-'cause it's cute! Addendum: Try to make it while they're still a baby-2 yrs old and under counts!
6. Make a quilt label. I write the baby's birthday, my name, and the title of the quilt (I name them).

OR, just buy one of those really cute minkie dot blankets with a satin backing and binding because that's all the kid will sleep with anyway, even if you spend a ton of time trying to make a memorable quilt for them (but I'm not bitter!)

Happy Sewing!
The older I get the less I believe in "good luck." I have had "good luck" in my life. I've always been healthy, learning has come easy to me, my family is stable and I had a great childhood, my husband is really THE BEST, and my children have come into this world trouble-free. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I don't believe in "good luck" anymore because I don't think so many good things could happen to one person out of happenstance
. I believe in grace from God.

There is nothing I could have done, consciously or unconsciously, that would warrant my good life. It is solely through a loving Creator that things work out. Now, as I say all of this I have to point out my latest grace:

We're having a boy! (But I'm not going to show you his stuff, just trust me, it's a boy!)

We did all the things you're "supposed" to do to have a boy-want details? give me a call-but I don't think it is ever really up to us. The Good Lord shared this blessing of one of his sons to be part of our family and we couldn't be happier.

He even crosses his feet like his dad does when he's asleep on his stomach!

How do you show gratitude for that?

Acknowledge the Power that allowed it.

Thank you God.