Friday, July 20, 2007

Momming It

So, I've been busy doing the following:
-painting a piano
-painting a piano bench
-painting a coffee table (two colors with crackle effect)
-baking banana bread
-sewing a baby blanket
-sewing a ottoman slipcover
-designing embroidery picture for pillows (4)
-going to the library
-going to swimming lessons (mom and tot w/Syd)
-going to dance camp (for the girls, not me!)
-buying said coffee table and piano bench at antique store
-choosing wallpaper
-sewing drapes
-choosing and installing (husband did, I helped) new lighting for dining room
-making breakfast, lunch, and dinner
-cleaning bathrooms
-reading to children
-watching DVRed shows (thank you little box!)
-going on walks
-otherwise "momming it"

See how "writing a new sewing blog" wasn't in there? Yeah, me too! Now, go do something. I think I'll sit down for a little while!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

I'm a little late, but what's new? I try, but apparently don't care enough to do things on time. At least I'm honest with myself. So, here's the tie-in sewing advice for this week: Be honest with what you can accomplish and don't feel guilty otherwise. (I think that applies to EVERYTHING we want to take on.)

For example, I have some really cute fabric for little summer shirts for my girls. It is washed and tucked away neatly, probably never to be made into anything this summer-we'll see. I also have some cute fabric to make matching dresses for the girls last summer, oh no, the summer before I had another girl!

So now I don't have enough fabric for matching dresses. Yeah, it's that bad. On the upside, I always have the supplies when it's time for a project!

How can I stay inside and sew with sunsets like this? I took this a couple streets from my house-in my car! Someday I'll make a sunset quilt-all the colors of the sky.

Enjoy this next week and don't feel guilty for the things you're not doing because we're always collecting ideas! And just like Uncle Rico says, "You might as well be doing something while you're doing nothing!"