Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer so far has been busy! We've had three birthdays in the family, two parties, dance festival, baby blessings, end of school party, zoo trip, baptism, and the regular day to day stuffola!

However, have no fear, the Sewing Friend has been busy, check it out:

Dishtowels (basically hemmed rectangles)Baby blankets
for baby Maci

for baby Amelia

for baby Oakley

Pioneer Trek clothing

Baptism dress
Sloane wore the same dress I was baptized in for the baptism (my mom made it), then changed in the new one I made. Sloane designed the dress, picking out the sleeve and bodice style, length, and trims. She was thrilled!

Knitting complete!!

Now that it's summer, Porter's hat is ready to go! Unfortunately his head also grew, but the hat turned out cute anyway. I added a little pompom on top and tied all my holes together, so it actually did turn out. However, I have bagged up my needles and left over thread for another day....Rachelle, need more knitting supplies?

Next on my to do list:
  • Tops and skirts for me
  • Summer dresses for the girls (skirt or pj shorts for me) out of stretch tie-dyed brown/pink jersey
  • Family room pillows (they're already cut out) and valance
  • Placemats (black and white)
  • Quilt for Amelia (have everything except time)-but she only just turned 1!
  • Sew something for YOU to feed my fabric habit (I do have a little time, my rates are pretty reasonable, and my work is excellent!)