Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Favorite Birthday Presents

Sewing Errors
I bless the tired garment worker who erroneously put this tag in a skirt that fits me. No, seriously, they forgot a 1 in the tens place. No really, I've been running, but I'm NEVER a 2, EVER! (Plus, the icing on the cake is that I got this for $4 at the Deseret Industries-I love a deal!)

My GenesIf this is what I have to look forward to, bring it on!

My FlowersThis is in my front yard right now.

My People
I love my girls.
I love my boys.I love my man.
What was this post about? Oh yeah, it's my birthday (May 13th)! No need for presents (I've already got some, thanks!) but please send me a note and tell me how all of you are doing!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Where are you Sewing Friend?

(Lost among the piles of projects that is my sewing room/loft that I have to look at every time I go upstairs.)

My father sent me a not-so-subtle email telling me to update my blog. I haven't posted for awhile as The Sewing Friend because I thought about trying to be The Knitting Friend.

I was told "knitting is fun and easy" and "you can totally do it anywhere."

There is not supposed to be a hole there! And I knit in my marking hoop in by accident! At least the yarn is cute!

Not so much.

I really appreciate my friend, Rachelle, who knits amazing sweaters, for taking the time to teach me. Anyone need some size 3 circular and double point needles?

As for the mess above, I do have a lot in the works:
  • mending/hemming/reworking clothes (my "going green effort")
  • new valance/pillows for family room
  • summer shirts
  • summer dresses for the girls
  • quilt for Amelia (she's 10 months old)
  • quilt for Porter (he's 9 months old)
  • making cut offs for the girls (reusing jeans, I'm totally green!)
  • mending some of Lisa's pillows (see, I am a Sewing Friend)
But, when I asked my dad what to post he just replied, "Put up some pictures of your kids." So, here are some of our Easter dress (no, I didn't make them) photo shoot photos and some various other ones!

But don't let the "dressed up" exterior fool you, these girls can get dirty with the best of them as we did in Zion National Park over spring break.

But, most of our days are spent seeing how many My Little Ponies we can get into a Barbie car...

and how many smiles we can get out of this guy.

Now, who has time for sewing after all that?