Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autumn Hike

We took the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to see the changing leaves and do a little hiking.

The girls could have gone on for hours!

I made the sling the Porter is in.

Aren't aspens beautiful? (I sound like Fancy Nancy!)

All of this was 20 minutes away from where we live-don't you want to visit now?

Sewing News:
I (finally) finished Margaret's quilt. Give me a break, she's only 6 months old. Lisa's last one had to wait until he was almost 2 years old!

Margaret looks happy to get it-she's really be on my case about finishing it!

Oh, wait, it's my sister Lisa who has been on my case to finish it! Just kidding, Lee!

The fabrics are all 30s fabrics, which I love. I like the black, it has a small print, because it makes the colors stand out and also adds a little refinement to prints that may look too babyish. I want this quilt to be the one they drag around with them when they're "big" kids too. See my March 8, 2008 post for more info.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Porter Blessed

We blessed Porter on Sunday, September 27th. Jonathan blessed him joined by brothers, brothers-in-law, fathers, grandfathers, and friends. We had a great testimony meeting with testimonies from many family members (of course, Porter started crying and needed a diaper change and to eat--thank goodness for sound being piped into the "mother's room.")

We then came to our home for food and photos!

4 Generations of James Men
Mom, Dad, and Porter
Dad and Porter
Cousins walking home from church

Time to eat-we had a houseful
Thanks for coming everyone!