Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hopefully, you have found my blog with our Christmas letter. If I didn't send you one, you just didn't get it yet as some won't be mailed until tomorrow! Check on it through the year for more family updates and fun sewing projects!

Jonathan works as a sales executive selling software. (This is open to the public, so I don't want to get too specific!) His true love (other than his family) are biking and skiing. He rides mountain and road bikes and skis in resort and in the backcountry. Jonathan teaches Sunday School for adults and works on the Activity Committee at church. He loves having so many "daddy's girls" and is thrilled to have a little boy.

Gina (I can't write in the third person) is happy to be a homemaker. I enjoy sewing (duh!), reading, and food/exercise in that order. I also enjoy a good nap but don't get that very often. I love watching the children grow and have new experiences. I hope to get skiing again this year and do at least one half marathon (yes, I am one of those people who mentions the running races they do!) I teach Relief Society and work on the Activity Committee at church.

Sloane (7) is in 2nd Grade. She still loves dressing up and comes up with the greatest outfits. She is very imaginative and loves to do crafts. She keeps asking me when I'll teach her how to sew. We have to tell her to go to bed every night because she is a sneaky reader in bed!

Sheridan (5) is in Kindergarten. She loves being able to sound out words and begin to read. She is a special helper with Porter and loves to make him laugh. Sheridan learned how to ride a bike this summer and she and Sloane take off around the neighborhood on little rides. She still giggles uncontrollably which is very contagious.

Sydney (3) is in a neighborhood co-op preschool. I teach the 6 little girls every 6th week. Sydney loves being a "big girl" and going to school. She cracks us up on daily basis with her facial expressions and quotable quotes, "I don't love that!" "What you say?" "You're nice mommy." She thinks she can read and earnestly looks at words and does her best. She just wants to keep up with her sisters.

Our most exciting news this year is the birth of our fourth child, and first boy, Porter Robert (5 months). Porter was born July 20, 2008 at 9 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. He is a happy, sweet baby. He has an infectious giggle. Porty Port Port loves his sisters and they love him. The difference between boys and girls is so distinct and a fun thing to witness.

Enjoy some images from the last year:

Thanks for all your cards and letters. We really feel blessed by such great friends and fabulous family. Even amid difficult times, we have hope through our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are truly blessed by a loving Heavenly Father. We hope you have a great Christmas and a New Year full of joy. We love you (even those I don't know!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I did it!So, from this....

(did you notice my Mexican embroidered shirt that I modified on a previous post?)

12 1/2 inches later.....(I also changed clothes for a Christmas party that night and I had an eye infection so my eyes are red.)

Patti with the pile of hair that she razored off my head after cutting off 12 1/2 inches!

I grew my hair for two years in support of my good friend, Niki, who is living with a brain tumor. My hair is packed and ready to be sent to Locks of Love.

I am such a trendsetter that even Posh Spice is considering my new cut!

Now to the sewing machine....

I whipped up a custom biking sweater (it's a bike w/an orange "dna" on it) for our DNA (Dirt 'n Asphalt) Cycling Club Christmas party. Justin was the lucky recipient--it fits him perfectly. I particularly like the snowflake buttons.

Oh, and my secret projects are still coming....(teachers, friends, girls)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

No, Tracy, I Will Not Be Making Chocolates on Friday

(Unable to control myself) I made these instead:

Apricots dipped in semi-sweet chocolate rolled in pistachios. I got the recipe from Fitness magazine-crazy! But of course they couldn't all be nutty!

Speaking of food:

Thanksgiving was fun. Thanks to the Spackman's (Jonathan's sister) and their cabin we had some good times.

The kids were fed first.

Everyone really just wanted to eat Porter.

Chelsea did my hair for me (notice my awesome nursing cover).

Are these two brothers?

And of course, Uncle James meets Porter.

Then last Sunday at Grandma's-more food! The kids decorated (and then ate) gingerbread houses.
Some really great photos of secret Christmas sewing projects are coming soon, so check in next week!