Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Girly Skirts

My good friend, Calli, asked me to make some reversible skirts (of her design) for her girls. Simple enough, I thought. Well, a few MONTHS later I completed them. I think I need to take a pattern-making class!

Here is Abby's:

I forgot to take photos of Emmy's, but it's like Sloane's below except different fabric on both sides and a big yellow tie.

Here is a prototype for Sheridan (not reversible):

Here is a prototype for Sloane:

They're cute, but it's too bad my girls don't want to wear them! They want to wear outfits of their own design:

"Fashion Girls"

"Construction Office Secretary"

Genetics? Altitude? Cooped up in the house all winter?

Fit Issues!

Because I am pregnant and NOT fat, I don't have a lot of pants that fit. In my desperation I made some only-around-the-house lounge pants and matching top. My husband refused to take a picture of me wearing them. The shirt does admittedly look very home-sewn, but the pants are great.

I haven't experimented much with knits, so that's why I took on the project. Here are the patterns I used:

For the top:

For the pants:It really was "very easy."

I added a few inches to the roll waistband to accommodate my growing girth. I also added the band of color to extend the originally ankle-length pants because the thing I hate worse than pants that don't fit are pants that don't fit AND are too short!

The reason for needing lounging clothes:

Easter Dresses

Yes, Easter is long past, but I thought I'd share the dresses I made for the girls.

I used a linen and white seersucker for the big girls' dresses and a printed linen and eyelet for Syd. I then made ties for the big girls out of the printed linen and roses out of the eyelet. I have three girls-we have to coordinate.

I almost made a skirt for myself, but thought that may be going a little too far (although since I have the fabric...)

The patterns used are the following:

This one was sized perfectly for Syd and she loved the built-in apron.

This one was huge (but my girls are small). I used size 3 for Sheridan (who will be 5 soon) and size 4 for Sloane (who will be 7 soon). They loved how "swirly" it was and spun around all day.

NOTE: I circle the size cut out on the package (patterns contain several sizes). If I plan to make 2 dresses out of a pattern, I cut the bigger size first, then the smaller OR buy two patterns (you can get them on sale for $1 or $2 most of the time.)

The dresses got some grass stains later at Grandma's for an Easter egg hunt, but the fabric washed up nicely and no more stains!

I made these in about 2 days of on/off sewing. They were simple-try one!