Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Generosity on a deck:

Some of my friends threw me a surprise baby shower. I even walked by the balloons tied to a huge box of diapers, thinking it was for something else! I got set-up in two ways. The first is the shock of a baby shower. I hadn't wanted one because it's embarrassing to have a shower for your 4th baby, even if it is your first boy. The second is by all the great gifts I received. I got outfits (onesies, shorts, t-shirts, rompers, gowns), blankets, diapers, burp cloths, shoes, socks, baby wash and lotion. All of it boy-themed and darling.

I thought I was just going to the BBQ planned for the DNA Cycling Team (Jonathan and friends) at the Pogue's house. Apparently, my husband was in on it and had to delete a couple of errantly-sent emails. The BBQ in itself would have been enough. The food was fantastic, the weather ideal, and the kids fully occupied.

Heading down the waterslide.
Jonathan getting some boy time. Sloane being tickle-attacked by her father. Sydney (in borrowed swimshirt and shorts) enjoying the bounce house, but got a little cold.It was a great evening. No one wanted to leave. We all stood in the street talking, avoiding collecting our children, and dodging neighbors backing out of their driveways.

Monday, May 12, 2008

So, it's my birthday tomorrow, May 13th. I'm 32 years old now and you really should call me or send a card or buy me some thread.

Me, 4 1/2 months old

Being born in 1976, I am a "bicentennial baby" which must be why I am so involved in politics. I was a Young Republican in high school and have handed out more pamphlets in small Nebraska towns than I care to recall. I've even been mistaken for a candidate while driving a car in a parade--it must have been the professional wave. I attended our local caucus meeting, but only for the cookies! I have only missed voting in one election since I was 18. Still, I'm probably not as knowledgeable as I should be. So, I've taken to listening to talk radio for a little help.

Are you aware of Operation Chaos? It's hugely entertaining. Basically, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners to cross over parties (from Rep. to Demo.) and vote for Hilary Clinton to keep her in the Democrat primary even though Barack Obama has pretty much cinched up the delegate count. It's reeking havoc because Hilary thinks she's getting all these votes and has a chance, and won't drop out. This is amusing because it shows the true nature of national-level politics--pure arrogant self-promotion. (I like to think that most local politicians run to make the community better.) Now, I'm all for self-promotion, I mean, I listen to Rush Limbaugh, but I also believe in knowing your limits.

So, back to me and my birthday. As I've become older, I've realized my limits. Here's what I've discovered:

1) I can't lie well. Don't ask me something you really don't want to know. Right, Lisa?
2) I need sleep. I don't respond well to babies crying in the middle of the night. Yeah, not good for a soon-to-be mother of 4!
3) I'm not a perfectionist. I don't mind if there are crumbs on the floor, stacks of paper on the computer desk, or seams that don't line up completely. I selectively see mess.
4) I'm not as good a friend as you. I don't remember birthdays, to return phone calls, or even all your kids' names and ages. I like to think I do, but most of the time I don't even try.

5) I'm a procrastinator. I should be sewing some pillows for a friend (sorry, Kelly!), sweeping my kitchen floor, or reading to my 4 year old, but instead I'm writing this and reading other blogs.

Wow, that really sounded like a downer. I am a realist/optimist--I can only get better from here--lemons=lemonade.

Please still be my friend, I'm a good person, and hey, you have to be nice to someone on her birthday!