Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for long naptimes that allow me to get really simple, moderately stupid projects done.

Hanging Head Mobile
So, I made this for Porty because he stares into space all the time (well, he is 4 months old). Here is how:

1. Paint an embroidery hoop white.
2. Glue the hoop together at two points.
3. Tie various types of ribbon (not too thick or it's too hard to tie) around animal finger puppets (I got mine from IKEA.)
4. Tie the ribbon-choked animals to the embroidery hoop. Cover the hardware of the embroidery hoop with a ribbon.
5. Attach fishing line and a thumbtack and hang it off the ceiling.
6. Place baby beneath and watch them stare.

View from the side:
Sheridan was my little helper.

View from below:The faces hang down so there is someone to look at.

View of my cute kiddies:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Party, Party!

Food, friends, and sewing-is it Christmas already? No, just a get together to get together costumes for a Christmas Nativity. We put together clothing for Mary, Joseph, three wisemen, two shepards, an angel, a cow, a sheep, and a donkey in about 5 hours (plus eating and packing up time!)

Our leaders: Heidi and Holly. Thanks for doing all the shopping and pattern-making and figuring and teaching and directing and hosting and.....

Cassie cutting out angels-isn't she one?

Me and first-time seamstress Jane Ann (did I spell your name right?)

Whitney is having some serious fun-or did she just eat a brownie?

Speaking of food-here's the table. By the way if you enjoyed the Cookie Dough Truffles find the recipe here. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the weight you will gain making these every week because they are sooooo good. I am not the Devil, Holly!

I LOVE to sew!

And just because you need a super cute baby fix. Tee Hee!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy, Busy!

I made six purses for Julie.

Which is your favorite?

Friday, November 07, 2008

A week has gone by. Syd's candy is long gone, and the older girls only have the gross stuff left (those Butterfingers lasted a day!) so I'm not scavenging in there anymore. I made the costumes because I'm INSANE!
The beautiful princess (with friends). The dress had to touch the floor (it has already been washed twice.) Thanks for the crown Grandma Shauna.
The sweet fairy in the school parade. Thanks for the wings Grandma Shauna.
The sparkly butterfly and her butterfly friend. The wings are iridescent blue!
The sweet pea and Elvis with bad teeth. The baby stayed warm and cozy.
Trick or treating in the spitting rain (at least it wasn't snowing!)
The snow came a few days later! This is about 8" of heavy, wet snow. Snowbird Ski Resort opened today. Come and ski-they got 3 feet!


Drapes, purses, and iPhone holders. More to come....