Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My girls are obsessed with High School Musical. They've only seen it twice, but after the first viewing they knew they HAD to be Wildcat (hence the WC) cheerleaders. I was never a cheerleader (I know, hard to believe!) so I'm living through them. Here's my three little cheerleaders for Halloween.

Showing off the moves:

I made the costumes out of garbadine and used a costume pattern. The letters were iron on and everything bought, of course, on discount from Joann's. They were pretty simple, although I made four skirts, uh, one apparently just for practice. The skirts were pleated with white insets, so the topstitching was a little tricky.

Grandma came to visit-and my Halloween costume-red hair!

I should be off the hook until after Christmas, right?

Monday, November 12, 2007

So, I really try not to brag but this blog is NOT trying today.

JJ and I went to Las Vegas for the Maroon5 show in the Pearl Theater in The Palms Casino and Resort. The show was awesome (as is my face in this photo!)

Me and James Valentine (guitar)
Us and Adam Levine (vocals and guitar)
Us and Mickey Madden (bass)
Me and Matt Flynn (drums)
Jesse Carmichael (keyboard) disappeared so I didn't get a pic.

We also spotted other celebs, but didn't get photos. We saw Huey Lewis and David Spade. But the most exciting personally was meeting the main actors from Chuck.

Here we are with Joshua Gomez (Morgan) and Zachary Levi (Chuck). I think I freaked them out when I said, "Uh, my brother is in Maroon5 so I'm not, like, a psycho" which my sister assured me is a way to make people think that you really ARE a psycho. So, my point in telling them that was 1) to brag 2) to give myself some non-psycho credibility and 3) to give them something to tell the boys in M5 if they meet (see, not psycho, nice!) I was pretty excited because husband and I really like the show.

We got to spend some time with James and hang out as a family in his suite. We had a late dinner and checked out the view.
So, how was your weekend?
(I couldn't resist, but I'll return now to my "humble" self!)