Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here's what I've been up to:

Watching the third grade perform A Christmas Carol (yes, I made the skirt and headband):

Building forts:

Helping Mr. Baby with his candy cane Santa photo shoot:

Making a piano music book bag for Sher's friend's birthday:

Watching the two cutest dancers (Syd performed later):

Helping my husband grow a totally awesome mustache in November:

Making cute applique baby blankets for my friends:

Wrestling my sewing machine to make two feather pillows out of one (not a recommended activity-you know those sitcoms where people get into a pillow fight and feathers fly everywhere? Yeah, not so far off from the truth!):

Not to mention that we've shoveled or snowblowed the driveway 4 times today!
There may not be many winter posts with the season ski passes we've already purchased, the little snowbunnies we're developing, and the awesome conditions!
Happy New Year!