Sunday, February 03, 2008

I haven't written because I've been digging my children out of the snow.

We've also been playing at the park across the street. This is the top of a tree.

The baby wasn't too happy about being placed inside the monkey bars, but I figured since I could reach the top easily, she should be placed inside!

My oldest (and most snow-loving daughter) explored the "forest" which was a little more difficult to navigate since the trails are cut about 4 feet below.

Eventually, we got cold, so we came home.

If you come to my house, you have to pass through this to get to the front door. I'm about 5'7" (and we had to knock the snow down a little so the snowblower could make it over the top of the heap!)
We can get mail now, since my mountain man has dug out the
snow around the mailbox.

Sorry, there's no where to sit in the backyard--the lawn furniture is covered!
That doesn't stop my adverturer from exploring. I asked her to check on the playhouse (underneath the snow somewhere!) I also asked her not to climb drifts to jump over the fence, but it's so tempting!

Oh, yeah, it snowed 2 1/2 feet today, and these pictures were taken two days ago.

Come on over (with snow gear and a 4 wheel drive vehicle!) You can cuddle under a quilt I made in December out of old ski pants (purple and teal) and ski socks (up the sides). The backing is fleece (of course!)

I can't rotate this photo for the life of me, so someone please explain how to save it in iPhoto so that when I upload it, it will be turned the right way!!! Most of the time this Mac drives me nutty!