Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ribbon Magic

So, here's a tease of the nursery makeover extrodinaire! I am using brown/blue/pink to satisfy a newborn boy and a 7 year old girl (we only have 3 bedrooms).

This is the crib bedskirt.
The plain stripes didn't seem peppy enough (bottom of photo), so I added polka dot ribbon on top. Plus, I'm mostly using chocolate brown, so the regular brown didn't totally fit. Doesn't the top one look better?

I fuse the ribbon with a Wunder Under product (iron on), then I sew the edges.So, what do you do with the remaining few inches of cute ribbon? Make a headband!

I tapered the edges and sewed....

I added two strips of 1/4 inch elastic, crossing them because it looks cuter (and hopefully won't cause that weird hair bump thing you get when the fabric is too thick at the nape of your neck).Is is strange that I'm matching my crib skirt? Have I gone too far?

TIP: It's good to have your children occupied while you're sewing. Invite the
neighborhood over for some pillow sliding.

But watch out when one of the girls brings over the Barbie make-up kit with the green eye shadow!

Note to Revlon ColorStay: You got nothing on Barbie!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I can't get enough of these:
I got these for my birthday:They're honey roasted chipotle peanuts, yeah, perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

I have eaten a whole bag of these:
NOTE: I did find Syd snitching on these one day, so I know I didn't eat the whole 64 oz. Costco bag myself! I did make some cookies with them, but pretty much kept the zip-top open for my convenience! I think I'll stick to buying the 12 oz. packages instead.

Between feedings, I managed to make some doll furnishings for my sister-in-law.
This is a doll bed mattress made with real ticking, stuffed with commercial batting, and tacked in 10 places so it won't shift.I also made a little quilt and pillow out of cotton and star minkee with pink rick rack edging. Then, not to waste fabric, I put together another simple blanket.
I think they're cute. I love quick, easy projects. You feel accomplished, but didn't have to put in too much work or worry about perfection (too much). This only took about 1 1/2 hours including cutting, pressing, and sewing time.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I like blogging, I like to read other's blogs. So, just to share a little with you, check out some of my family's and friends' blogs:

Oh, Judy (my older sister)
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The Jolly Porter (her husband)
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Maroon 5 Blog (com
prehensive citings/interviews/pics of the band, my brother is James)
Design Mom (their friend, who I once sewed some really bad drapes for-before I was the "Sewing Friend")
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The Despain Gang (my friend w/a cute baby)
Ignore the Crazy (my sister's-and mine-friend Bek, who has a lot of life to share!)

I have other friends who have blogs, but I hesitate to list them because of privacy concerns--but if you want a link to your blog, let me know and I'll add you to the list--cause I'm always checking yours out!

I'll have to list a favorite craft blogs someday--my list is very long and I should make dinner! Check in soon because I've been sewing up a storm for the room-shifting of the children to accommodate the new baby due the end of July!