Sunday, August 02, 2009


Story Day

See how things are back to normal because I'm not blogging anymore? However, need to report on our activities.

Day 4 was mostly spend watching TV and putting away sleeping bags. I let the kids sleep in from their non-sleepover in the basement. So morning was pretty lazy.

In the afternoon, while babies were napping, we held a writing workshop. After several writing activities (i.e. If I were the teacher....., If I was an animal, I would be....) we wrote a story. Here it is (after I told them no mentions of farting or poop):

Adventure of the Children of the Water Dinosaurs

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a group of children named The Children of the Water Dinosaurs. They decided to go on a trip to Kansas Chili Land. To get there they had to take a magical unicorn named Bob, but because there were 9 children, they also had to find a magical poem to transform some of them into magical unicorns. They were able to find the poem, so off they went. When they got to Kansas Chili Land, they went to see the famous mayor. The mayor was kind, and invited them to go to standing computer estrella, which is a magic mat to get to the Australia. After the mayor’s house, they went in the rainforest. They fell into a deep hole which was a dinosaur’s footprint. They got out and looked at the tracks to see which way the dinosaur went. The dinosaur was actually a water buffalo. When they met up with the water buffalo, they freaked out him and he knocked over one of the children. They decided to head back to the mayor’s house and ate dinner. By this time it was very late and they overstayed their welcome. So, they went all the way into Weird Buffalo Land and slept underneath a buffalo. They had to get back to school soon, so they knew they had to head home. This time, they took a turtle. He went one foot an hour. It took 5 hundred days to get home. And then they had to call Dora to help them find the way home. But Dora was taped to a dinosaur. When they got home they were in trouble so they had to paint in their room for the rest of the day!

The End

by Miles, Owen, Phoebe, Hugh, Sloane, Sheridan, and Sydney

Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

I did take some pictures:
And just to prove that the Clark children are more awesome than the James children:
Sorry, Lisa, but I think you owe them some money (although I didn't tell them HOW MUCH each star was worth, I told them it was up to you.)

Overall, a great time with all the kiddies!


Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Cute chart you have going there, although James are also very sly--I think I would have stuck a couple extra stars on my side (wink). Cute blog. You and Joshua's wife would get along really well. She does a lot of sewing too. I am so glad to see pics of the kids! I was b;own away at how grown up they are!!! Doesn't time have a way of clickin' by?

Tracy the GREAT said...

I'm tired just looking at all that fun you had! You are an amazing woman.

Lisa said...

I like how you qualify it with "OVERALL, we had a lot of fun!" It was A LOT of work and I'm glad my kids have such great memories of their Aunt Gina and James cousins!